About Our Boilers

All our boilers are made from, or reconditioned with, 316 grade Stainless Steel* (known as marine grade which will withstand most acids) and are fully pressure tested. This is why we are able to give a 5 year guarantee on all of our boilers , with at least a thirty year life span anticipated.

To the right is a photo of the first stainless steel boiler we built back in 1981 for our own use, scrape the soot of and it’s still as good as new. We purchased a near new Franco Belge whose boiler had corroded through, and built a replacement boiler in stainless steel. This boiler did over 20 years near continuous hard work before the lightly built machine disintegrated, leaving a still sound boiler.

Our Supreme and Multifuel boilers are reconditioned. This means that all surfaces exposed to the fire and therefore subject to corrosion are replaced. The casing of the boiler that does not corrode is not replaced. New customers are often very sceptical of this process, however our extensive experience in building these boilers over 20 years has resulted in a very reliable product that we are happy to guarantee.

This is the starting point for the Supreme boilers – the burnt out shell.

They are then ‘gutted’ – this picture shows the internal surfaces still in as new condition.

The stainless steel kit that is fitted to a supreme. The flue box on the left and main face plate on right.

Supreme flue boxes. We build supreme kits in batches of 50.

Supreme boiler nearing completion on the work bench.

Supreme boiler complete, ready to paint.

This is the completed boiler, fully pressure tested and guaranteed for five years.

Multifuel internals ready to be welded to a gutted original boiler.

Rayburn Royal Stage 2


Most of our other boilers we build from scratch. This includes our Regent and Royal boilers. In this case the entire unit is made from stainless steel.

These two boilers, the Rayburn Royal (stage 2 shown) and Regent are two good examples of boilers that we build from scratch.

This is an example of a specalist boiler that we had to build recently.

No matter what boiler is required we can build it to the specifications you require.