All of our boilers that are made from 316 top grade stainless steel are guaranteed against leaking due to external attack for 5 years . All of our mild steel boilers are guaranteed for 2 years. This means that if a boiler fails within that time and you get it to us, we will repair or replace it free of charge. We take this guarantee very seriously and stand by our work.

(A full copy of the Guarantee Form and the Terms and Conditions are supplied with every boiler)


Experience has taught us a huge amount. We have learned the following regarding the following fuels;

  • Wood burning – there is nothing in the combustion of timber that attacks stainless steel, so if you burn only wood  you can expect your boiler to last many years.  Our first boiler did 20 years burning timber with no deterioration. A stainless steel boiler can last for such as time if all of the directions are followed on the guarantee form.
  • Coal burning – sadly, even top grade stainless steel is not indestructible. Coal combustion produces compounds that, if mixed with water, will attack it. Our guarantee form gives simple, clear directions to avoid this problem. If you ignore them, your boiler will probably only last for a few years.

The only other problem area we see occasionally with our boilers and other stainless steel boilers, including Rayburn’s own is overheating. A stainless steel boiler must have sub boiling point water circulating behind it’s working surface, otherwise it develops hairline cracks in the overheated area. Again it is well explained in our guarantee form, and how to avoid it.