Vehicle Rust Repairs

If your vehicle has failed it’s MOT because of rust, we can repair the corroded bodywork and get you back on the road. Come by for a free consultation. We will examine your vehicle on a ramp and discuss the repair options totally free of charge. We can then agree a price and arrange a day for the repairs. Please note that you normally get 10 working days to re-take the MOT test free of charge. During this time we will endeavour to complete the repair work with time in hand.

Alloy Rim Repairs

Unfortunately it is common for newer car wheel rims to develop cracks, usually as a result of impact such as hitting a pothole or pavement. At first you may think you have a slow puncture, but when the tyre comes off for repair it becomes evidence that a crack has formed in the alloy. We offer a repair service from £60. We will need the alloy rim without the tyre for about an hour. A local tyre fitter knows of our service and may be happy to do that for you.

Aluminium Welding

A lot of farmyard and trailer equipment has aluminium structures, which at times may wear and crack. We are one of the few locally who offer an aluminium welding service.

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