About Our Boilers

Goddard Fabrication specialises in supplying brand new replacement boilers for a variety of cooker models. We sell a large range of replacement boilers for the Rayburn Range, and some AGA. Also, we fabricate brand new boilers to fit into log burners, and recondition and repair many other models such as the Stanley Range. Click on the above Boilers menu and you will see our full range.

With Mild steel boilers (e.g. 355sfw, 345w) you will receive a 2 year guarantee. Stainless steel boilers (e.g. Royal, Regent) come with a 5 year guarantee. Please see our guarantee page by clicking the above tab for more information.

All boilers are leak and pressure tested to 45psi, most importantly giving our customers piece of mind that our boilers are sound and ready to be installed.

If a boiler can’t be made, it can be repaired, therefore please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries!

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