From a gate latch to a staircase, from cast iron to farm plant machinery repairs we offer a varied fabrication and repair service.

Goddard Fabrication have a range of fabricating tools including:

  • mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium welders
  • plasma cutters
  • a metal sheet guillotine
  • a metal sheet folding press
  • a pillar drill
  • tapping equipment

We are happy to provide you with quotes for all kinds of jobs, big or small.

Also, we sell steel off the shelf, making us a local steel convenience store. We may also have a variety of left over oddments that may suit your needs!

Most cast iron can be repaired, although it can never be as strong as the original because of the weld being a different material. We have successfully carried out many cast iron repairs, such as fire burner doors. This has helped our customers get out of a tight situation. Just turn up with your needed repair and we will happily give our advice.

We weld aluminium too, which is invaluable in repairing car alloy rims and vehicle trailers.

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